Glasses-free 3D spliced wall EVIS glasses-free 3D spliced wall adopts 46" ultra narrow edge HD displaying board, with 2×2 and 3×3 available to realize display of ultrahigh resolution. Ultra narrow edge design makes the transitions more natural. Based on different dimension,... See More>>
glasses-free 3D TV 85" ■ 84" frame to restore video content to 4K level ■ Broaden color gamut to improve color expression of TV ■ Easily grasp 2160p UHD video content and display at the same time ■ World-leading 3D video displaying system to rapidly response without smear g... See More>>
glasses-free 3D TV 55" ■ Throw cumbersome 3D glasses away, enjoy 58" large screen without glasses■ Provide resolution ratio 4 times higher than 1080P of full HD of mainstream■ Support seamless transformation among all kinds of signals as well as 3D video format■ Based on Lo... See More>>
glasses-free 3D TV 50" ■ Unique new generation UHD intensive viewpoints technology to create perfect 3D experience; ■ 3840×2160 UHD LCD resolution ratio; ■ Seamlessly compatible with TV industry standard, support universal 3D video format and signal interface; ■ Realize gre... See More>>


Shanghai EVIS Technology Co.,Ltd is a company which provides industry-leading video technologies,products and schemes for LCD TVs:



Our company has abundant industry-leading technical reserve in the field of video mainly consists of the following aspects:3D video processing technology,viewpoint transformation technology,motion estimation/motion compensation technology and LED dynamic backlight control technology,etc.